Design by J Conrad

Who is J. Conrad?  A creative expression of quilted, knitted, and painted poetry. A canvas of life and color. J. Conrad works predominately in painting, needlework, quilting, jewelry design, knitting, and mosaics.  Her extensive background in floral design brings many of her works the inspiration that emanates from nature and the color palette of flowers. When you purchase a Design by J. Conrad, you are buying a vision, a story, a creation with energy that will light up a room, bring joy, create comfort, and relax your mind.

“I feel truly at peace when I am creating any new project” says Conrad.  “Art gives me a sense of purpose, and I am truly fulfilled throughout the process.  I can always tell if things are out of kilter based on how much time I have had for creating.  When I am feeling stressed I need to let my artistic side flow” adds J. Conrad. Designs by J. Conrad is no mistake, it is design with a purpose. Jennifer goes out of her way to perfect her creations.

In recent years, J. Conrad has taken on art quilting as a main focus of her design work.  Creating with fabrics allows for more texture and depth than working with paint.  She starts with a painting and then she will take it to the next level by recreating the quilt with fabulous hand dyed fabrics and commercial fabrics.  While quilting, her art becomes a compilation of creative fusion.  “Taking elements from many different art forms in an exciting way to approach a design” states J. Conrad.  “There are no rules when it comes to the creative process.  Being free to express myself is the joy of making a creation.”

The journey for J. Conrad has been a very interesting circuitous journey. Jennifer spent several years in a partnership with a fashion designer Mark Caligiuri in Minneapolis, MN.  During that partnership, she learned about the creative process for fashion design.  She considered the partnership rewarding because she has been able to apply her fashion knowledge in her current work. Intertwined with those experiences are her interactions with her artist grandfather, and her floral design experience.

Many art connoisseurs view art as a retreat; a place where you can go to get away from things that hurt you or make you sad. Art can open windows and doors that have been shut for years. Art becomes the couch in therapy, the arms that hold you and shelter you…J. Conrad says simply put…“My art is my life”.  She enjoys sharing her creative process with those who share her vision for artistic expression, color and beauty.  Designs by J. Conrad’s philosophy is that people need balance in life…a balance that can only be produced by one of the greatest gifts of all… creativity.  Designs by J. Conrad  will have achieved its purpose if every customer can find beauty in her work, and accept each work as her gift to you.

We live in a world that is full of parameters, barriers, obstacles, and verbal consternations. Designs by J. Conrad  will open your mind to the world of color, it will open your nasal passages to the smell of fresh paint that splashes your imagination, it will invite you to feel textures that seem remote, unbelievable, unexpected, undeniable, spontaneous, and unique. Designs by J. Conrad  is not just a work of art; it’s a movement. We invite you to experience our art over the next several pages, let our fluency transcend into your reality. As you read this, the transition has already begun. You have been touched…the next step is yours.

Art is a creative act...an expression of the soul. It is a reflective encounter between the artist and the audience. Many artists communicate by sharing their values, visions, dreams, concerns, and commitments in their art. The flow of richness and vitality streams in every direction. When art becomes a part of your life and your expression, it moves you in ways that you never dreamed. If we could think or feel in colors, verbal expression would no longer seem important and our creation would become our vision. You have just stepped into the world of J. Conrad. It is a world of expression, colors, vitality, life, love, and boldness.

Designs by J. Conrad is the foundation of Jennifer Conrad: a visionary, a carpenter of color, a visual sculptor. J. Conrad is an artistic force that has been a work of creation for many years. Some say that the birth of a child is the start of life, but once you have seen the Designs by J. Conrad you will quickly distinguish that her life began on a much higher level than in the womb. Personal loss has been no stranger to Jennifer at a young age; she lost both her parents tragically in a plane accident, she lost her grandfather, James P. Walsh, an accomplished artist who was her artistic spiritual connection, and she lost her grandmother, her best friend. Despite these tragedies, Jennifer took her loss and developed an art that transcended her own personal tragedy; she created works that drew on her experiences in Minnesota (her birthplace), her family, her friends, and her triumphs. Her art leads her to a creative nirvana…a place where few can go, others have been, and many never return.